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Beta #3

After four hours, I did break down and call. I had this impression of them forgetting to call in their desire to close early on such a gorgeous Sunday. The nurse hadn’t spoken with the doctor yet, so I don’t have any information about what this means or what we do next.

Today’s beta was 379. For easy reference:

  1. 9dp5dt* – 167
  2. 11dp5dt – 231
  3. 13dp5dt – 379

So between the second and third beta, we had a doubling time of about 62 hours, which falls within the 48-72 hour range that seems to be the gauge. I don’t know how much weight gets put on comparing the doubling time from the first to the third, if any. My question for when they call me back after the doctor reviews the test results is what exactly does this mean. It is going up, but obviously at this stage, we’d want it to be higher right? How likely is this to be another chemical pregnancy?

*For those of you new to this, that gibberish means 9 days past 5 day transfer…we transferred a 5 day old blastocyst.

Apparently, the surest way to get them to call is to hit “Publish” on a blog post. And, I could get answers that are just as satisfactory from a magic 8 ball. “It’s too early to tell.” “I know of pregnancies that start out with slow betas and go on to be viable pregnancies.” “Come back on Tuesday.” So, we get to sit and “try not to worry” for two more days.


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four pio shots in and already both hips are feeling really bruised. Walking is uncomfortable, lying down isn’t much better. I know it took longer the last times to reach this point. I guess it’s the opposite of an increased tolerance? At least I don’t have any lumps yet.

I’m such a whiny person these days, aren’t I? Sorry. I am really trying not to be.

Ok, off to pack in a couple of weeks worth of errands into one day so I can spend the time after the transfer on self-imposed restricted activity. We decided that since I have the opportunity to do so, what with no job to worry about, I should take advantage of it and see if being lump-like makes a difference. I’ve got a new book on HTML and CSS to work my way through from the couch, so at least my brain can get some exercise.

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Sorry…this whole being out of work thing makes the days kind of blur together and I get days and dates mixed up. Transfer is on Tuesday, the 14th, not Easter Sunday. At least I only typed it wrong here. I DID get the correct date on our wall calendar and made sure Shannon took the correct day off from work!

I’m gonna blame it on the drugs. That and the persistent insomnia.

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Bitch and whine, piss and moan

Just the sight of that 18-gauge needle, even though I know it isn’t the one he’ll actually use, makes me get all clammy. Doesn’t matter that I know the ice pack has my hip so numb I won’t feel anything other than the slightest pressure. Doesn’t matter that I’ve done this three times before and know that it isn’t as bad as I anticipate. Doesn’t matter that I was ready to REQUEST pio if Dr. N wanted to go with a different method of delivery. The site of that long needle, the idea of it sticking into my muscle sets off a chain reaction of panic that takes every ounce of self-control I have to relax my leg so I’m not fighting it.

I HATE progesterone in oil injections.

The tetracycline and medrol are upsetting my stomach, leaving me cranky, nauseous, and feeling raw.

Something is making the muscles in my legs crampy and sore to the point of keeping me awake until 5am.

Please let this work. I don’t have any reserves left.

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The house is as done as I can get it. There’s no point to painting any other walls until we’ve finished moving the last piece of furniture down the narrow hallway, banging into the drywall all the way. I don’t have anymore plumbing fixtures to replace, or appliances to dismantle and repair. I’ve done all I can in the yard, well, except for putting down some grass seed once the weed killer does its job.

Meeting my requirements for unemployment takes about two hours a week. I check that off my list every thursday or friday while enjoying a cup of coffee at the local SBux.

That leaves me with a heck of a lot of time on my hands. I pulled out my sketch pad and graphite pencils, which kept me entertained for about an hour. I’ve made a few necklaces that I’m going to try to sell on Etsy. I could work on reupholstering a chair, but I’m having a hard time working up any excitement for that task. I did consider starting a new quilt, but I didn’t see any fabric I like.

I spent a lot of time last week being incredibly bored. I bake bread once a week, I go to the grocery store every Tuesday, I spend about 90 minutes in the evening trying different recipes, but that still leaves a bunch of empty hours.

So, starting tomorrow morning, I’ll be working towards becoming a certified web designer as a first step towards becoming a web developer. Years ago, with no real knowledge of anything computer related I found myself working on a UNIX based website. I’d been there three months without actually knowing it was UNIX. I learned HTML by studying the source code of different pages and figuring out what bits did what I needed and I worked closely with the developers and designers to help the site grow and evolve. I’m good at immersion learning…just toss me in the pool and I’ll figure out how to swim pretty fast. I’ve played around with graphic design software in the past, and I’ve built a couple of very basic websites. I have a good feel for what makes a site user friendly. Hopefully, this certification track will be a good fit for me. At the very least, it makes me a heck of a lot more employable than that Literature degree. To give me a head start on the development aspect of things, Shannon is going to start teaching me Javascript. I taught him to drive a manual transmission, so I guess this is payback. Regardless, it’s better than sitting on the couch looking for a new recipe to try and counting the hours until he gets home from work.

As an aside, the above is why it’s been so quiet around here lately. There are only so many posts I can make on what isn’t happening in my life. Posts on boredom aren’t exactly going to have readers beating a path to my door! And, you may or may not have noticed the little list on the sidebar. Yes, we are in the middle of FET #3. In fact, this Wednesday will be the sonogram which sets our transfer date next week. FET cycles are inherently pretty dull. I mean, there are lupron headaches and that’s about it. On top of that is a serious case of detachment. I just don’t seem to have it in me to feel any sort of emotional investment in this cycle. I can’t allow myself to get my hopes up anymore because I don’t know how many more times I can handle the crash. So, the best I can do is provide the schedule over there, do my daily shot/pills, and not think about it the rest of the time. It will be what it will be and dwelling on it won’t change a damn thing.

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FET #3

No, you aren’t going insane. No, this post didn’t exist on the date that it says it does. This is the schedule I’d kept in the sidebar. I got lazy this time and didn’t record the dates in my calendar and want to make sure I have a record of them somewhere and this seemed like a good place. Comments are off on this post to keep it simple and because it really isn’t a post, as such.

  • 03/09 – Consultation and Phase 1 appointment
  • 03/10 – Returned all forms and payment; ordered meds
  • 03/12 – Saline sonogram and baseline bloodwork
  • 03/27 – Sono and E2 check (E2=59, so decreasing lupron and starting estrace)
  • 04/08 – Sono to check lining and fix transfer date
  • 04/14 – Transfer, single embryo
  • 04/24 – beta – negative

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